Ignacio Valdes El Ángel del Peregrino

Ignacio Valdès

Ignacio Valdes graduated from the Universidad Catolica de Chile and went on to study at the Academia Belli Arti in Carrara, Italy, the École national supérieur des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the Pratt Institute in New York and the Slade School of Art in London. He has taught painting and drawing at the Royal Drawing School since 2014.

Valdes’ painting explores the possibilities of colour extended into large canvases, while the human form is suggested with gestural and graphic strokes. The artist gives primacy to the process, rather than any preconceived ideal. However the figural and anthropomorphic forms that emerge out of these surfaces speak of a more immediate world. At times these forms are playful, almost comic, immersed in vast tracts of colour: a figure races through space.

Neither entirely figurative nor abstract, Valdes’ clay sculptures, which seem almost to have sprung from the earth, demonstrate a marked refusal to objectify the human figure beyond a loose anthropomorphic vagueness. They are blurred, smeared and smudged, and are comprised of different textures – some smooth and fleshy, others rough and cracked – and colours, ranging from warm terra cotta to pale pink, as if to suggest the infinite variety of the human condition.

Valdes’s work has been shown in Public institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile the National Museum or Fine Arts in Santiago, Chile, the Courtauld Institute and the Cervantes Insitute in London, the Instituto Italo-Latinoamericano in Rome and the 44th Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy.  Ignacio Valdes recently held an exhibition at the Palacio Consistorial, Municipalidad de Santiago, Chile, exhibiting clay sculptures which focussed on the theme of human forms in multiplicity and collective movement

This exhibition is shown
From the 13th of September until the 21st of November 2020
Wednesday to Saturday from 11Am until 6PM

Prior to your arrival, Please email us to confirm your visit: archives.angevolant@gmail.com

To discover more about Ignacio Valdés and his work, we invite you to visit his website: https://www.ignaciovaldes.net/